Solidarity Note – Turkey – Syria Tragedy

Solidarity Note – Turkey – Syria Tragedy

Feb 6, 2023

The International Federation of Women in the Legal Career – FIFCJ, makes public to express its solidarity with the people of Turkey and the people of Syria for the tragedy that occurred on February 6, 2023, due to the earthquake of great magnitude that hit the central region of Turkey and northwest Syria, causing a high number of fatalities and another of injured people.

The tremor, even though it lasted about a minute and a half, is already considered the biggest in the region since 1939, and caused so much pain and damage to the population of both countries.

Tragedies of this nature generate great outcry, especially for the lives lost, and for the enormous damage in all spheres, which is why this International Federation conveys to everyone its condolences for the bereaved families and hopes that the two nations manage to overcome the pain and disorder caused by this phenomenon of nature.

Manoela Gonçalves Silva
President of the FIFCJ